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Shipwreck Beach - Zakynthos
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Zakynthos Beaches

Shipwreck Beach - Zakynthos

The Shipwreck's Beach - Navagio is certainly the most famous and photographed beach not only in Zakynthos island, but perhaps in the whole Greece.

It is located approximately 36.5 km northwest of the town of Zakynthos and 4 kilometers west of Volimes.


The beach is accessible only by sea, but you can see it from above, if you stand on the high side of the cliffs that overlook it.


Showed how the old Shipwreck reminiscent of pirates from the Venetian period.


When in 1980 the Greek authorities discovered a boat suspected of smuggling cigarettes and drinks, sailing off the coast of the Ionian Sea, the chase began.


During the chase, and due to inclement weather, the ship had to be stranded on the white sandy beach cove.


It was an old ship, launched in 1937 in Scotland and had changed several owners until you reach this quiet cove, which was the symbol.


Millions of photos of the wreck hosts worldwide postcards and more! Indeed it would be no exaggeration to compare with the Parthenon as a symbol of recognition of Greece.


The beach attracts thousands of visitors every year to see the wreck and swim in the deep blue waters, although there is a beach of the island and access is not efkoli.An decide to swim here, be careful, as The sea is very cold on this side of the island.


Also, it would avoid entering the rusty hull of the ship, because it is dangerous.


The beach access is only possible by sea, tourist boats that frequent daily and organize daylong excursions around the island throughout the summer.

·Organization of Beach:



Only Boats

·Distance from town:

35 klm.

·Time from town:

45 min (access only to see the beach)


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