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Base Jumping in Zakynthos
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Base Jumping in Zakynthos

For first time 2011 organized in Zakynthos, the most famous extreme sport, as a separate event which delivers high doses of adrenaline. This is Base Jump!

 So in 2012 with the help of GoFast helded for second consecutive year the dates 20 to 26 August, giving a different tone in the hot summer!

And this year 2013 from 19 to 22 August Base Jumping is here in Zakynthos. Exit point: Shipwreck Beach Do not miss it!

The combination of the sport with the exotic beach Navagio, gives a unique sight to those who attend, and those who participate. Unlike other extreme sports like bungee jumping, the base jumping is a demanding as to the stage for anyone who cares to look.

Before all have deep psychological exploration and awareness of reality! Relatives and friends should know the decision of you to deal with BASE and be informed about the sport. These initially with psychological conditions.

Now, the essential requirements. The most important is the realization of an average 150 jumps skydiving before base jumping. Then it is necessary to monitor the FJC (First Jump Course) after completion of the longer you dare.

But even if you think, although you have no idea of skydiving, better to remove that thought from your mind. Before taking any decision, first of all understand what is Base Jumping.

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