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Information about Zante

Climate - When to go

Zakynthos island is the most beautiful of the islands in Greece, and one that can be visited all the year!
The climate is Mediterranean With mild winters, but enough rain and the temperature between
5 to 10th C.
The summer is dry, but hot enough and temperature ranges during the warmer months of 30-35oC.
Generally, for the longest period of time featuring the sunshine. Also characteristic is the humidity, but generally observed in most Greek islands.

To enjoy the beaches and blue crystal waters, it is advisable to visit from May to late September.
However, to avoid the crowds, the best months are May, June (early Season) and in September, October (end of Season).
The high season for Zakynthos is between 5-25 August.


Located in western Greece, is one of the seven Ionian islands and is the southernmost on the map (Zante Map)


To explore the island, it is proposed to hire a car or a motorbike. Some beaches are accessible almost exclusively by boat. There are several buses that go to all known areas of the island, and taxis.

The roads of the island are in good condition, most roads in even the most remote villages are paved and you can move by car.
Also, for those who are worthy 4x4 off road routes you can take the west and northwest coast.

For a selection of good cars on rent for your holiday and vacation contact us.

Accommodation in Zakynthos

There are many hotels and hostel with a variety of rooms and apartments. Most tourist places are indicative of Laganas, Argassi and Tsilivi each summer inundated by foreign tourists mainly.

On the island there are also many traditional stone houses (villas). Most (and least tourist) but not seaside to inland. However, some of them overlook the sea.

Also, there are many hotels in Zakynthos town which remain open during the winter season.

Suggestions for Food in Zante

Zante island has many taverns and restaurants in all areas. The food is excellent and very good meal prices. There are also restaurants and taverns who are open all the year (and the winter).
Definitely try the traditional Zakynthos dishes like sgatzeto, and tomato sauce with macaroni. Try the roast (pork chops) and good local wine.
The best bread on the island will find the village Macherado. Find a bakery and buy a loaf with a little oil cheese, is that beyond the sea.
For most fish meals you have many options on the road from Agios Nikolaos to Volimes and then in the town of Zakynthos. Prices are very good also.

The main feature of the local cuisine is abundant oil in foods.
Local specialties are rabbit stew and grilled sausages.


The island is famous for its vibrant nightlife. There are many bars and clubs for all kind of vacations.
Of course the center of known Laganas is fun, with most in the crowd. Laganas is full by foreign tourists, mainly British.
Also you can find many bars in Tsilivi, where things are calmer.
Much good nightlife and one encounters in Argassi. On the coastal road from the town of Zakynthos, Argassi at the entrance, encounters the more clubs that entertain locals and mostly Greek tourists.
In the town cafe in the summer some time and then converted to small clubs.

The island has many beautiful beaches with crystal waters.
The most known is the famous shipwreck, which can be reached only with organized tours.
Other known and equally beautiful beaches, starting from the south side is Vasilikos Beach, the beach Gerakas, the Marathia beach in Keri Lake.
On the north side there is a beach in Tsilivi and then Alykes beach and Alykanas. After them, there are more are on the continue like Xigia beach, Makris Yialos beach and finally the port of St. Nicholas.


It is worth Zakynthian carnival.
Although not well known, has Venetian color and something different from the other greek Carnivals.

Also special is Easter in Zakynthos.
Here the procession of the epitaph is early morning (4 pm), then follow the “Kommati” (known as breaking pitchers) and approximately 6 concludes with the first resurrection.


You can rent a tray or pay for an organized trip to see the most inaccessible areas, such as the Shipwreck and Blue Caves. You can do many water sports such as kite surfing, water skiing and snorkelling.


 The domestic market is small, compared with purchases of other islands. However, the pavement of a variety of beautiful shops selling traditional local products, souvenirs and shops selling clothes, jewelry, accessories and gifts. Like the city, so in other tourist areas one can find shops with all the above.


The most important attraction is of course the wreck. It may not be a natural landscape but have caused this to luck or misfortune of a sinking ship, but it remains a beautiful sight.

Very good choice in the country is a walk in Bohali for the sunset. From this place you can see panoramic country.
Also some of the monuments of the island is very interesting. The two most important are the Venetian fortress and the hill of the Town, where our national poet Dionysios Solomos was inspired and wrote the national anthem of Greece.

Churches and Monasteries

The island's patron is St. Dionysios whose temple is located on the promenade opposite the entrance to the harbor. Keep out of the relic in a room that is made of gold. In mid-August which is the feast of the saint, is the procession of the body of the main streets of the city.

The island is also filled with beautiful churches and steeples unique Venetian architecture. The most famous is the church of St. George of the friendly, the church of Santa Maura and Agia Marina, the oldest church on the island, but also the most beautiful.


The island has several notable museums.
Few examples Museum of Dionysios Solomos and post-Byzantine art museum.
Other attractions

Very beautiful and picturesque is the castle of Zakynthos, in Bohali with very beautiful views, traditional tavernas and café music.
Visit the Mansion Roma. It is the only sample large urban mansion house that is left.


The island is visited every year many couples, and for good reason. The outstanding natural beauty, both green combined with pristine beaches makes it very romantic.
You can enjoy a swim in the turquoise waters, watch the sunset at Keri, dine overlooking the harbor listening to songs and take a romantic stroll in the city.
Enjoy the sunset on two points: The Lighthouse of Keri and "cross" of the village Kampi

Routes Within

One of the most beautiful routes to get to know the island is the town of Zakynthos, by the beach of Keri. Can pass from Laganas beach and head to Lake of Keri. Located across the lake lies the island Marathonisi where protected because there leave their eggs turtles Caretta caretta. To get to the island, there are ships and boats can be rented from the Lake of Keri. Finally, we find the small but beautiful lake of Keri.

Besides Routes

You can do with your boat around the island. You will see many places that do not go see another transport meso.Tha Marathonisi where they leave their eggs turtles Caretta caretta, the blue caves, head of Poseidon on the rocks, the lighthouse on the northern side of the island and of course the Shipwreck


To work in Zakynthos National Marine Park, which is a body protection and preservation of natural heritage and ecological balance. Several beaches are nesting sea turtles Caretta caretta. These beaches is Laganas, Kalamaki, Marathonissi, the Laurels, Gerakas and sequences. On these beaches are accessible to citizens except the last.
In all the above are mainly volunteers from the Park to hand out flyers and inform people about what to watch during his stay at the beach.
Also next to Zakynthos you will find a small island, the Strofadia, which host many rare varieties of birds of the world.