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Olympic Rentals - Rent a car Zakynthos - Argasi - Laganas
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Olympic Rentals - Rent a car Zakynthos - Argasi - Laganas

Date Added: 08/20/2013 by Anna Brechalova
We booked a car in advance. When we arrived to pick it up we were told that the back window of the car was shattered to pieces. The company representatives acted as if it was not a big deal and offered to take the car as it was. When we told them that we could not possibly drive such a car, they got defensive (rude even) and told us to collect the car the next day "if you're so troubled by the broken window". One of the taillights was broken as well, but they had no intention to fix it.
They were rude, they did not get the car ready at the stated time (and in appropriate condition) and offered no apology ot discount. It is the worst car hire company we've ever dealt with.
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